Hey there!

Is anybody still following this blog?

Regardless, I am back!
Aaaaaand I got someone to help me run it. :-)

I know there are other hentai blogs that have popped up
in my absence so hopefully that won’t put me out of commission. >_<;

I will try to be more specific with my posts now such as
the series they’re from & things the picture includes.

So, once again, nice to meet you. :-)

(I’ve missed you guys, hi new followers!)

Edit: Texts posts regarding me will be tagged with “Cat”.
My friend will just be known as “M”. :-)

Where are you people coming from.
Ahh this makes me so happy, I started this blog posting things that basically are hot &amp; pretty to look at (pretty much personally what I find sexy in hentai) &amp; look how many followers it has gotten me. You guys are all cute, I bet! So thank you for accepting my little guilty pleasure.
No new post as of late, sorry about that! But I do have gifs to post and finishing up some more tomorrow to make it up!
Also I went through my follow list, I&#8217;m gonna be following some of you on my personal tumblr right now. Shhh, it&#8217;ll be fun. Me stalking you and all. :3
I keep getting box full of questions like these,now, I don&#8217;t mind but I feel like I&#8217;m beginning to sound like a broken record. ;_;
Like I said these sites are where I go; Fakku Megaporn SpankwireI don&#8217;t know any other &#8220;special site&#8221; to watch hentai at.
And what&#8217;s good to you may be different for me,it&#8217;s all about preference. You should lurk more, anon,maybe you&#8217;ll find a couple new favorites. :)
Hi! I suppose it&#8217;s been a while since I updated!Busy busy, that&#8217;s what I am. :)
Hopefully I can make it up by posting somegifs &amp; answering these questions.
1. I&#8217;ve heard of it, but I don&#8217;t really know what it&#8217;s about. *_*
2. You can call me Cat.
3. Oh thank you! I only follow like, five hentai/porn blogs. &amp; they are; hentailovely, whateversexual, gentlemanpervert, nikorachan, yuinyaan
4. Haha, you&#8217;re adorable! Thanks! :)